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    Hello everybody, This is my first time writing something online about my love. I’m actually private if it comes to love, but I really need some help.
    I’m a 16 yrs old girl who has exprienced a heartbreak for the first time. I want my ex back!

    Me and my ex-boyfriend were the happiest together, we fought alot about little things, big things, insecurities and more. we had alot in common. I have been in a relationship with him for almost 7 months.

    He broke up with me because he thought we fighted to much, but I thought that we could work on it as usual. He broke up with my by saying “we can be friends still, u can still meet my mom, we can still see eachother 3 times a week”. Now it has been a month since the breakup and we still haven’t seen each other.

    I looked online how to get my ex back, and alot of people said that the no- contact rule gives good results, so I had to try it of course! Anything for him.

    But we already broke up a month ago, is it okay to still do the no contact rule? I already with a week now. But some pages say that you can’t do the no contact rule over 60 days. I just need to be 100% sure, and if someone can help me how to approach my ex, please do. I love him with everything I have.

    Love, Janice


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    @janice – There is no guarantee for the no contact as a way to get an ex boyfriend back. It’s more for you to possibly get another chance if you make the changes that contributed to the breakup. One major thing that probably caused him to break up with you is too much arguing (fighting). If it happens too often, even though you think you worked it out “as usual”, the sum total of too many of these distressing situations take a toll on the relationship. He became unhappy and tired of all the drama. You have to learn a better way to interact with him in order to stop so much fighting. If you have a disagreement and it’s worth mentioning, stay calm and just talk it through and ask for his ideas on how to interact in a nice way. Unless you see him at school, it’s not a good idea to see him 3 times a week especially since you need to make some improvements in your behaviors. He might not be ready to be friends yet, so stay no contact for at least three more week and then slowly begin contacting him. I’m sorry you’re going through this, but try to see the lesson here..

    No contact is also for moving on and getting past the sadness if there’s no way to reconcile. It takes time to heal from a broken relationship and it’s not easy, but it can be done.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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