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    I am back. I was here last year when my ex broke up with me. We broke up for almost 6 months and i got with somebody else for about 3-4 months. His aunt who i am very close with reached out to me and we started catching up. I told her that i am dating somebody but not TOO serious, I liked the guy but wasnt in love with him. She told my ex, her nephew, and all of a sudden he reached out to me. He asked me how i was doing and if i wanted to meet up with him. I lied to my bf then and ended up meeting him. We had dinner and visited his family as I was close to all of them. I hung out with him a few times until he started telling me he wants me back and then he would try to kiss me and all that but i didnt fall for it. One time we had a long conversation and he told me that he still have feelings for me and that he wants me back, He said he fucked up and all that and made him realize how perfect i am for him…fast forward..i broke up with the guy and got back with my ex. I found out after that he was talking and seeing the same lady who was stalking me and harrasing me online. He used to see this lady. Anyhow, he cried and cried and cried and told me they were nothing and they were done…He lied about her…about everything…. fast forward January…i found out that he lied about where she lives..she lives the same city as we live in and BEEN HERE since 2015…he lied to me from the beginning. I also found out that she works with him at the same store… i still stayed because he told me i am the only girl for him and that he sees future with me. I stayed..forgave him…everything was perfect, he told me i can have his pw and i can check his phone anytime all the time etc…3 weeks ago i went through his email and found a homemade sex videos that he sent to himself a year ago while we were still together. He said it was made way before and that he never cheated on me… and he told me that everyday that he doesnt talk to her and that her number has been blocked since I asked him when we got back together January 2016. The things he lied about was that shes been living in the same city for 2 years, hes been working with her since then, and that he doesnt talk or interact with her at work..i get it…they work together they somehow have to talk but for him to lie to me in my face everyday everytime i asked he said no. We were in the process of moving in, i left my home and got somebody to rent my room and then lost myjob so i had was him and his family. I told his aunt about everything and confronted the lady and she told me she was sorry and begged me not to hurt her family. My ex now told me that he told her to leave us alone…she never stopped leaving us alone..she would contact him crazy through other emails and numbers and she would harass me on IG she never left us alone. she couldnt! and now that i found out everything, i have nothing. His family loves me and wants us back together..,I told him that he needs to come clean to his family and the lady’;s family. He said he did and he didnt want to give up on us. The other day i picked up the rest of my things and he barely was talking..He was frustrated because i kept telling him that he has no balls to come clean…he said he was going to make things right and that he will work on himself. I am so angry so hurt about everything. I lost everything my job my home everything!!!!! idk what to do…the last time i texted him i told him that he needs to fix himself and goodluck.. all he said was “i will. thanks” However his fb default is still out pic…for those of you guys, what do you think is happening to him? or his thinking? Is it completely over? i want to move on but its so hard. He is leaving his job and his last day is next Week… please help

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