Ex Back Permanently

Relations Rewind is no longer available


You have reached this page because you clicked on a link that was supposed to lead to relationship rewind. Unfortunately, the Relationship Rewind program has been closed indefinitely. I didn’t have time to edit all the emails, so you have been redirected to this page.

I will be releasing a new program shortly that will (hopefully) be a lot more useful to you in the upcoming months.

Until then, please check out this FREE BONUS from my friends Mika and Clay. It will tell you about 5 Unconscious signs that show if your ex still wants you. I believe they truly care for their subscribers and will help you get your ex back. Come to think about it, these guys are a lot better than Relationship Rewind ever was.


-Kevin “Apologizes For The Confusion and Inconvenience” Thompson

PS: I know it’s a little strange to see this page after you clicked on the link to go the Relationship Rewind Website. I apologize for the confusion this may have caused. If you are still interested in learning everything that Relationship Rewind offers, and even more, I highly recommend you check out my Clay and Mika’s Programs and their emails. You can check it out here.