I’ve created this testimonials page to show how much this website helps people who are going through a breakup.

It’s true that most people find this website because they are looking to get an ex back. But when they follow what this website teaches, they eventually find themselves.

They learn to love themselves again and become a happy person. The website and the email series has helped thousands of people get their life back after a bad breakup.

If someone is desperate to get their ex back, how can you just convince them to move on?

It’s true. In most cases it is healthier to just cut your losses and move on. But if someone is desperate to get their ex back, you can’t just convince them to move on. If you tell him/her that they should move on and forget their ex, they will just go somewhere else looking for advice.

This website is a place where I give people advice on getting their ex back. But this advice is really based on helping them regain their confidence and stop being needy and desperate. In most cases, when people go through the advice on this blog they realize that the best way to get their ex back is to first get their life back on track. And in this process, they usually end up moving on.

I have received thousands of testimonials from people. On this page, I’ll try to list some of them out.

If you need proof that these testimonials are real, just email me and I’ll send you a screenshot of the emails I received from people. You can also browse around in the comment section of this website and the message boards. Just going through the comments and the posts people leave on this website will help you realize how much this is beneficial to us.

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Here are some of the testimonials that we love.

That was some awesome advice it actually works.i left the house today and it was very hard.i opened your email and began reading.and then i did everything you said to do.thank you because this is a very unfamiliar pain i am feeling.i look foward to getting more healing advice from you.


I’ve almost decided that I don’t want him back. Almost being a key word. Your words of wisdom are helping me a bunch. I still shed some tears though. – Leslee

Hey Kevin this is Demetry I subscribe to you last year after I got out of a pretty bad break up. Before I can across you and your advice I was so desperate to get her back but now I grown from that. I realize me and her wasn’t meant to be and looking bad at the relationship there was definitely more bad than good. Recently I met this new girl and I feel me and her are really compatible but I will try not to rush into things. And also try not to be so clingy, jealous, and argumentative too. Again thanks for all your help Kevin !!! ?✌

Dear Kevin,

I completely understand that you r a busy person and it is not possible for you to reply each and every mail I send. But let me tell you your mails are helping me alot. Am much more confident and happy person now. I got new friends too. They r cool and crazy and am happy with them.just wanted to thank you Kevin. Waiting for your new mail,new suggestions and more wonderful doors of happiness and bright light.


The whole stay away/ don’t be desperate really works! You saved my life! Thank you! I have been working on myself: eating right and exercising, I even made a consultants on to get plastic surgery (something that I have been wanting to do for a while.) Now, I am so much more clear headed, relaxed, cool and confident, I don’t even know if I WANT my ex back! Thanks again brother!! I will be recommending you.


Hey Kevin,

I just wanted to thank you for all the effort you put in helping people like me. Most people just wouldn’t give a sh*t. And that’s what’s making you a beautiful person. You are still overwhelming me in these worksheets with these complements, but I think you deserve one now too 🙂 Thank you Kevin, you are one of the most helpful people I know (even I don’t know you or I never will). I decided to send this message after i read this in worksheet 11
“If you had a hard time doing the last two worksheets, then you might not be very comfortable with saying nice things about yourself. Or perhaps, you can’t think of nice qualities in you. If that’s the case, I want you to know that you have at least one good quality that is the most important quality anyone would want in his or her life partner. The desire to learn and grow. The fact that you are reading this right now means that you want to learn more about yourself and grow into a better person. And in my eyes, that makes you one of the best people I know.

This really warmed my heart and I cried a bit. I never really thought of this as a quality, but you did make it clear to me. 

I really don’t know if I want my ex back right now (we were together for 5 years and i’m 21 now), but your mails are really helping me discover myself or what i want in life. And now I realize that is the most important topic of these mails. But thank you so much man, I really would thank you in person, but I live in Belgium and I’m just a young guy with a small student loan :p
Alexander “Thank you so much” De Geyter

PS: I’m reading ‘The Power Of Now’ and I really enjoy it. It helps me a lot too. 
AND sorry if my English wasn’t topnotch.


Hi Kevin Hayden Braddock from Wellington New Zealand. Just wanted to quickly say how much I have appreciated my daily emails over the last 6weeks and how much they have helped.
Ive decided I cant have my x back and in doing so life has become a much better place. Version 2.0 of myself is a guy I really like but I couldn’t have done it without your help so thank you so much!


Kevin, I want you to know how helpful these emails are. Literally saving my life. I wait every day for your email in order to get through the day. Thank you so kindly for helping me cope thus far.



Kevin you’re so great dude. I know the wound is still fresh and reading this email almost made me tear but I know for a fact I’ll be ok and you’re absolutely correct about everything you say. If I saw you right now I’d give you a hug. I need it and I’m extremely grateful for these emails. Thank you 🙁


Dear Kevin,

       Thank you so much for all your energy put into creating this program. I’ve learned so much. in this last month getting emails from you and doing worksheets i have grown soo much. I’ve learned that my “ex” is not the only one out there that I can have a deep fulfilling relationship with. I’ve become more of a man and independent of my thoughts. I do not ever want to be a doormat again, unless I choose to for fun. Your program has taught me a lot about relationships that I will take into all future relationships. thank you so much and I look forward to your occasional emails. Keep up the fantastic work you are doing.


Although I do like what you write and I like your emails. It keeps me motivated to press on. Not nessesarily with her [only], but in life. Since I pushed to try to get her back, I worked my a** off on myself…One quote I like from a guy name Grant Cardon “Be obsessed or be average”..so basically when I push to get her I started pushing to get everything else that I wanted.
Anyway, just figured you’d want to know that what your doing may be helping people push for something..something that they probably never done in their lives.


Hi Kevin,

I just wanted to let you know that I find your daily e-mails very inspirational and really helps me get through the day.


Hey Kevin, I just want to appreciate you for your support and guidance. I now have a promising relationship full of love, and empathy, and confidence. We are looking to get married next year. Thanks again.



I do not know of you will get this email but I just wanted you to know that you have been extremely encouraging and I legitimately look forward to reading your emails every day.
THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is an amazing system you have of daily inspirational emails. It’s been critical for me and I appreciate it greatly.


Hi Kevin,

Loved the emails, they really helped. Especially in me realising that losing my ex isn’t the end of the world and I fact that I’m better off without her. I’m moving on and I’m not looking back, love works two ways, not one person giving their all and the other person making excuses and my ex did that and so she doesn’t deserve another chance. Thanks for helping me come to my senses!:)

Many Thanks
Your good Friend


Hey Kevin!
I know that you a robot who sends everyday same letters. But since you are in my life I do feel better. It’s just nice to know that every day at the same time I receive letters from you. I’m not in pain anymore about him just sometimes I want to go back and you remind me why I should not.

Thank you

With love,


Hi kevin, I just have to share this with you, I emailed you a bit ago totally devistated ☹ i have been following your program faithfullly and what a difference it has made in my life, Everything you said would happen did, but at warp speed, my ex contacted me in only one week of no contact, not only did he contact me but he showed up at my door lol.. He did everyhing to get me back and here it is…. his behaviour hasn’t changed but mime has… because he thinks he has me back.. he is not being attentive anymore , a day will go by without contact ( we are long distance ) told him it was a deal breaker for me. i set my boundries told him it is totally disrespectful not to mention humiliating. low and behold he apologized but hasn’t changed. So, I can’t believe I am saying this but , I have walked away.. I am 51 yrs old and you have helped me more than any councelling ever has.. I am not acting needy or insecure. I am not repeating the same behaviours I did before…. and let me tell you … it feels AWESOME !!! I will cut my hands off before I ever make contact again.. I am not saying that I don’t struggle with my old patterns, but I am learning new healthy behaviours.. Always a work in progress. So, I am just saying thank you, I love the emails, they just seem to come in at the right time ?



Hi Kevin,
Hope your well.
I honestly thank you from my heart for your advice, you have made me feel better and stronger in myself ?

Shain Qureshi


Hi Kevin

Your emails have been absolutely enlightening. It’s giving me hope and allowing me to think clearly and rationally about my relationship with me ex. James and I are coming up to 2 months with no contact. We were together a year. I’m due to spend Christmas with him and his family.
So far, all has been pleasant and there have been no nasty rumours and we ended on a positive note (as positive as it could be), and there was no cheating involved. I spoke to his mum a while back and she said it’s the wrong time for him and I wasn’t right for him at the present moment and that I need to give him a lot of space. I’m on good terms with his friends and family and they want him to see I’m right for him and that I care.
I want to purchase your system but money is tight for me at the moment as I am in between starting a new job.

I’m wanting to get back with James not because I love him and he’s the right and only one, but because it’s the best thing for both of us. He’s really the kind of guy that hasn’t had a partner that’s treated him right and when we got together, it really blew him away and he had never had anyone put him before themselves, and someone that’s never given up on them. His previous partners and even friends have all at one stage cheated and/or given up on him and taken advantage of his good nature instead of embracing it. I’ve been the only one that’s been 100000% loyal and has embraced his good nature, respected him and treated him like the king he deserves to be.

Again, your emails have been fantastic. I can’t thank you enough.




Hi Kevin,

I do know you have a loooooot of emails from people who are subscribing from you. I just wanna say how much I appreciate your advice. I applied them, I tried to be the happiest with my own self. It was those times that I got reunited with myself and I felt more happier, confident, fabulous. I haven’t contacted my ex, and if I do. I just went cool like Fonzie.

Guess what, he’s pinging on my inbox now. He said how much he misses me, he was shy admitting that. I felt like hes the one chasing around and not the other way round. As of now, I’m taking things slow and sure, building trust and confidence in the relationship. I also need to learn how to trust on myself.

Thank you so much and may you help more people with your advises.

With love all the way from the Philippines.
-Ivanna ?


Its been a year now since my breakup.
I’m still friends with my ex…
Whenever I think of that break up, it still brings tears to my eyes… Yes, it still hurts. I feel sorry for myself.. Yes I know I shouldn’t but I’m… looking back, I remember how hurtful it was, how much I suffered, how alone I felt. And I’m grateful I found you… I read your emails, I followed your advice… I was looking forward to your email everyday. You helped me through it.
And I want to say thank you.

Thank you Mr Thompson. ☺️



I found your site randomly searching for support online during another sleepless night.
I wanted to say thank you for your supportive emails which have helped so much at a very difficult time.

The no contact rule was very hard and to be honest, I did break it in the early stages. But persevering, I got stronger every day.
Especially helpful was learning (and enjoying) taking care of me and my health with exercise and meditation.
(Also, new clothes and beauty treatments did wonders!)
Prior to the break up, we had a Theatre evening booked months ahead and we both agreed to meet up for this (tickets to see Simon Russell Beale are hard to get!)
The actual evening was hard as though I was very relaxed, we weren’t holding hands during the performance as we would have done normally.
Still, the evening was nice, and as I got out of the car and said goodnight, I gave him a letter I had written. All positive things, saying how I would like us to be together but also how I would move on if that could not be and wishing him well.
He texted me me the next day and arrived at my door the following morning.
(Seeing me, not in my new dress and after a day in and out of beauty salons but carrying a mop and bucket..!)

We had a long walk and talk and are now looking forward to happier times.

Thank you.

Please do not publish my name or email but I I hope this encourages others to follow your thoughtful advice. It works.


Hi Kevin,

You really helped me through this process and for that, I’m grateful.? At first you helped me through getting over the pain that I thought would never stop.

You brought happiness into my life again, you know, after my ex dumped me, I felt like the world was coming to an end.

I learned a lot from you and I’m proud of myself for talking to you. You’re a life saver.



Dear Kevin,

I hereby would like to express my gratitude and appreciation.
Your emails has helped me.

Best regards,



Hey,your emails have been really helpful. I didn’t get my ex back because he just wasn’t for me but your emails have made me a better person. I have moved on and am happy. I saw someone else but I want to make things right this time. Your helpful tips will be appreciated. Thanks,love you.


Your program is awesome and it helped a lot. Helped me realize along with some therapy that my ex has big time borderline personality disorder. And I need to run as far away as I can.
I really appreciate the help. Going back would be very bad.


Hello Kevin.
I purchased your system, but unfortunately my relationship has further digressed. I whole heartedly tried committing to the program, but I’ll be honest by revealing that intoxication also increased negativity and anxiety between both my husband and I. My only wish is that I had encountered your guide early on in my marriage to help avoid many of the obstacles we faced when deciding to wed after 15yr relationship. Just like my wedding day, or a birthday, I can still remember the day my husband chose to leave, July 6th @6:36pm. It hurt my heart that he left but the pain and sadness have now been replaced with sadness, yet forgivness for us both within my soul. Today I await receipt of divorce papers since he’s decided to cease all communication and interaction. I pray daily for God to hear my cries to surrender and help manage the burden of all the heartache and pain the breakup of our marriage has caused. I have a very long journey ahead, but all I can focus on is healing for myself and to continue supporting & caring for our boys. I wanted to share this update with you because I recognize the impact of free will and to hopefully help others struggling with similar circumstances. After going through your entire program I realized early on that the program wasn’t necessarily about getting your spouse back, but regaining understanding of who you are and the freedom to love yourself before you can love/care for anyone else.
Thank you



Thank you for the opportunity. Your course has helped me rearranging my outlook on life.
Will I get my ex back? More than likely not, but your course has helped in stabilising my thoughts with my current situation.

I do miss her, would love her back in my life.
It’s been two years, she has moved on.

But this won’t happen and it’s ok. Knowing and now (thanks to you), that I can continue to move forward. It’s not all bad being alone once you learn to deal with it.

Again, thank you.


Kevin you are a good psychologist. I have a degree and thought I use it dynamically in my environment, but you have really showed me I’m an amateur, lol, seriously. Awesome stuff



Hi Kevin, 🙂

Hope you are doing well. Been a while..hmm? ^_^
This is probably my last message to you and my last update for you 🙂

My ex knocked me back after like more than two years. I can’t even put this in words, how annoyed I was to find messages and nudges back from him. Whatever that was, my life has moved a lot ahead of what happened back in those days.

Another good news! I am getting married this year. Found this guy. Ah! When I am with him, I am in peace! Of-course, he is so cute! No games. No tricks. Just two simple souls finding a way to unite. Nothing happened in rush. My parents, his parents and all of us are quite happy about whatever this is. I don’t know about love, but I am a happier person when m with him. I guess, that’s enough for this lifetime. I have learned what I had to learn. Life is simple when you let go of things beyond your ability to control. Hold on to things that shares happiness with you just how you share with them. Happiness is what matters at the end. Sometimes it is so important that we go through lil pain.

Its amazing! How happiness multiplies itself when its shared with everyone. <3

When I wrote all those e-mails to you and this one too, I always wonder. I wondered whether you ever read them, or felt my words and all of those messed up emotions. May be you did or may b you didn’t. You must have so many better subscribers than me who are purchasing all those life/love coach solution packages. But, there was this time, when writing to you did give me hopes to get out of those loops of pain and grief. There were days, I would just keep waiting for all those emails you sent me as your subscribers. I wrote to you like, I am writing to a friend. 😀 You have been an amazing friend 🙂 I know, you are an amazing coach too.

I will be Thankful to you forever. Loads of love and prayer for you. May you get all the happiness and love you share with people.



Thank you so much! And again, thank you for the program all together. It’s very helpful so far to have someone who had written so accurately to how I feel and provide guidance during this tough time.



Dear Kevin,
I would like to thank you a lot for all of this, it is really helping me go through my hardest time, because I’ve already been through this but this time is different, and this is because this person stood by me since day 1 and even supported me before and after breaking up with my first girlfriend. She was the one whom i could call and would listen to my rambling for hours. She has been the only person in my whole life who has been unconditionally supportive. Then we started dating and had the strongest relationship I could ever imagine, the only problem with us was that I never appreciated her, not even a 2% and she stood by my side regardless. I would lie to her about where i was and then she found out and cried for hours feeling helpless. I did this a lot of times and really hurt her, because i never really felt she was going to reach her limit, I sincerely thought she would stick around no matter how little i showed her love or appreciation. But i was wrong. She decided she couldn’t handle it anymore, the unappreciation and lack of love i showed to her, so she decided it was not possible moving forward but still leaving us in good terma. And I regret every single day not giving her all of me when she did since the day we met. That’s the difference between this relationship and the past one, in the first one i had a very manipulative person who treated me badly but I let all of that pass because i was madly in love, but this time, I had the most selfless and caring person i have ever met, she NEVER disrespected or mistreated me, and this is me talking objectively. That is what haunts me all the time and I am completely heartbroken. I thought it was only true that we do not know what we have until it’s gone, but actually it’s also true what they say about that, we do know what we have, but we just thought we were never gonna lose it. Thank you again very much Kevin, for helping me go through this, I believe I will never be able to repay you.



Hi Kevin, a friend of mine suggested I sign up to your mail list after my girlfriend left me. The idea was to get her back but as time has went I’ve decided it’s probably not what I want.

I haven’t unsubscribed from your list though. I think what you do is so necessary to the world man, you’ve helped me through a very difficult time and your mails continue to give me strength. Thank you man.




Because of you I’m happy now..I accidentally found out your post on No Contact a month ago and it really hit home..

I started following everything you have mentioned in the emails and the posts and your daily emails made my hurt heart better.Your emails were like a drug to remove my pain away.( I couldn’t afford the EBP Advanced System but these emails were more than enough for me?)

After I started the 30 days, it was really hard but your words kept me determined.As you have mentioned there were times that I thought I can’t bear this anymore, I have to talk and also times where I wanted to blame him for something he did on Facebook or elsewhere.But then I stopped and got my self calm down and thought well..Then I realized doing this will only make things worse and I should somehow reach the 30 day target.?

In the 5th day he called me but I didn’t answer.He texted saying he doesn’t wanna start the r’ship but that we cant be enemies too.But I didn’t even reply.

As you said I thought I should make a better version of myself.I was a girl who was very active and outgoing.But after things started to go wrong in the relationship, I used to stay at home most of the time and became kinda boring..Always complaining and waiting to only go out with him. So I created a version 2.0 and sticked to it.I started going out and having fun,tried out new things, made changes in my appearance and since we happen to meet like a lot at college, he and his friends obviously did notice my change ( I didn’t talk to him though)

With time,I started realizing how dependent I was..I was such a needy and desperate person who though there was no life without a guy in it. STUPID ME! ?
There’s no wonder in him leaving me and I don’t blame him for doing that because I was so insecure and a control freak and he, as guy needs a life.

On the 15th day I saw him staring at me and when I looked at him he smiled.I just gave a quick smile and looked away.?

By this time I had started loving my new self.I have become the happy person whom he was attracted to in the beginning and even better because now I have learned to become responsible for my own happiness.?

Another thing I noticed was that my ex had become very active on fb and he showed signs of becoming the person I always liked and doing things I said I like. But I didn’t over act or do anything in return I just acted cool as you told.He’s now showing signs that he is kinda interested me again.?

So my 30th day was yesterday and NO! Im not at all excited to talk to him like I was in the beginning.Im still thinking whether to talk to him or not.I wouldnt bother about whether he would reply and if he has a new girlfriend and also I still wonder whether I need this relationship.I have actually ‘sort of’ got over him.?

So I just wanna THANK YOU for making me a girl with confidence and teaching me how to be happy with my own self.You are amazing and these 30 days taught me a lot.TIME IS MAGIC!?



Hey Kevin man, I don’t know if you get replies but I just wanted to say thanks. I found your stuff in the beginning of a really brutal break up where my fiancé was cheating with my boss. I found a lot of the stuff you said and recommended really help me through the tough times and while I didn’t end up getting her back I’m about to marry a really amazing girl, so thank you for everything you were reallyOne of the sources to help me out in the beginning of some tough times
thanks again Ryan


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the reply. I’ll head over to the link. I wanted to let you know that I looked at a number of dating coaches, many of them on Youtube–Breakup Brad, Corey Wayne, Mathew Hussey. And I’ve spent the last 12 months just studying after a breakup, and by far your written words resonated most with me. – Ngan


Only wished I had searched for your article sooner. I have indeed made some serious mistakes. But…since i have already seen him/responded to him today which he said, “happy 45 month anniversary although we are not technically together, I still miss you.” I only said in return, “same to you.” IDK but I guess I would have felt awful not responding to that. BUT – THATS THAT.

I have never in nearly 4 years of this relationship, ever shown him this side of me before and he didn’t even know it existed. When I realized he was leaving/moving out, I just got into panic mode and became desperate to save the day. BUT, I will do as you said.

I still am very much in love with him (which I didn’t even realize until he left how much I was in love with him) and still want to marry him.

You’re such a wonderful person, giving back to others – This is amazing. A broken heart makes you feel, think and act a totally different way.

I have been going BACK to the gym this week. 5 times this week alone! So proud of myself. I was once barely getting sleep, not eating for days and not even going to work.

Thanks for the motivation. I really do appreciate it. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


Hey Kevin,

I really Like you too.

And thank you very much coz you’re helping me a lot…infact you stopped me from killing myself.


Dear Kevin and the team,

I just wanted to say thank you. You help people through a trying time, you are like angels.
Thank you for your words of comfort, your positive encouragement. Thank you for caring.
Your e-mails have really helped me and I already feel in a better place, day by day.

Wishing you all the very best and thank you again for being amazing,

Lenka x


I am not sure if you will get this, but honestly I want to say thank you for this particular email. It made me smile because you described me so well. I am definitely trying and these past couple of days I have been happy =)


Hello Kevin

OMG this email and exercise has turned on the biggest light bulb for me. I get me and what has been going on with me now. It has made me let go of everything and feel alive. I feel that I can do anything. Today I accomplished more than I ever have before. I am ready to take my life in the right direction. I didn’t realize that what has been holding me back all of these years has all come from my childhood. I am ready to move forward with my life. I feel happy, confident, stronger and that I can handle whatever gets thrown my way. I feel free of all of my demons finally. Thank you.



You are really great man.. thank alott for changing my perception after this breakup happens.. I appreciate the work u r doing for us. Thanks alott man. Hats off to you


Dear Kevin Thompson,

I just want to say thank you to for all e-mails which is about your program. Actually It was very helpful when I was confused and loneliness.

Honestly, “no contact” was the one of the main part of this things. There were difficult times. But I decided to never give up to the things that I want. Your e-mails were the only partner for me those times. Many thanks ?.

Now I will do it my way. No matter how it’s difficult, no matter how long it takes I will fight. Because of that beautiful girl. Actually she wasn’t my ex. She just only said that you’re just my friend.

But don’t worry about it. Because I realized that there is a way, always. I understood that there is full of opportunities in this world.
Your advice was help me to understand this.

From today I decided to do it myself. I believe in myself, I believe in my sense and destiny.


P.S. Someday I will have a chance to help someone who suffered with the love. I will highly recommend your program.


Thank you! I don’t know why you do this. But all I know is that your should keep doing what you are doing. It’s only been two days but you’ve helped me in my darkest hour. It’s been a big help. I feel like you are sort of a gift from God.

I appreciate everything you are doing for me! Thank you! And God bless.


To be honest, just reading all these testimonials above makes me proud of this website and the lives we have changed. There are a lot more of these testimonials in my mailbox. But this page is getting too long.

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